HI there!

I'm Nève Rabardel

I am a strategic designer, which combines user experience strategy and service design expertises. I am passionate about designing meaningful and sustainable things that improve people's life. When I am not busy reading about everything and anything, I love to watch movies and dance to good music.
At the moment, finding a place to grow and to apply my strategic knowledge for greater user experiences is my priority.

My skills

These are my main designer skills.
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Strategic Thinking
Circular Design
UX Strategy
Service Design
System Thinking
User Research

Strategist by qualification,
designer by choice.

Hello, I am Nève Rabardel, a constant learner strategic designer based in Amsterdam. I am passionate about designing seamless user experiences and great services that help people in their daily life. Bringing together design and strategy, I am what we can qualify as a user experience strategist. Originally from Paris and with a background in Digital Advertising Strategy, I pivoted towards the experience design field to broaden the impact of my work. From campaigns creation to products and services development, the path I followed shaped the user experience specialist I am today.

I combine multiple expertises to build greater product experiences and service deliveries such as design thinking, user experience design, system thinking, behavioural design. Applying a holistic and user-centred approach, I am able to zoom in and out to understand both the macro and micro implications of each projects. Going from user research to insight and strategic concepts, I translate user needs and motivations into business opportunities that fits the company’s ecosystem. Applying this process to various challenges, I have learned how to tailor my approach to the specific needs of my clients, whereas it is about user experience enhancement or service delivery improvement.

Throughout my experiences, I had the opportunity to work for diverse industries including public services, banking, aeronautical, sports, retail and energy, both in B2B and B2C set up. In my most recent experience at Accenture Interactive as a service design trainee, I exposed myself to various challenges by supporting user experience and service designer on specific consulting projects. From users and stakeholders research and workshops with clients to usability testing, I gained the experience of working with multidisciplinary teams which operate in an agile way.

Beyong being

In my opinion, design is a problem framing and solving process. As a designer, I understand that what is considered as a good design does not only involve visual aesthetics, but even more importantly, an interface that is functional and usable. This requires a deep understanding of human behaviour and psychology in order to produce a positive impact on the overall user experience, regardless of the platform. Digging deeper on the design thinking field made me realise how unsustainable the practice was and that is the reason why I decided to research and focus my master thesis on the Circular Economy. Being user-centered can make us forget about the context in which this user is. We always ask ourselves if the intervention will be convenient and seamless but rarely thinking about its social and environmental impact. I believe that design thinkers should have a sustainability lens on top of everything they do, and this is what I am aiming at.

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I am looking for a service design or user experience strategy, full-time position, in Europe. If you think we're a match, drop me a line!